Watch Glossary

Water Resistance -

Water resistant watches are able to withstand a small amount of moisture. Generally, a water resistant watch should not be worn when diving. Most sport watches are only submersible up to 50 meters. In order to be used for diving, a watch will have to be submersible for up to 200 meters.

Winding Mechanism -

This part is what winds a watch’s mainspring. Many older pocket watches need a key to wind the mainspring. In recent years, this design has been replaced with a crown, which is much easier to operate. Automatic timepieces use an oscillating weight and rotor when performing this function.

World Time Dial -

A world time dial is capable of telling time in up to 24 time zones. Each time zone will have a name printed in the bezel or on the dial of the watch. The scale around the watch is important because it is how the user will know what the correct time is. These types of watches are also commonly referred to as world timers.