Watch Glossary

Reference Number -

This number is the equivalent of the watches model number. When searching for a vintage watch, knowing the reference number can make it much easier to find.

Rotatable Bezel -

Diving or pilot watches often feature a rotatable bezel. This is a movable ring that generally surrounds the dial of the watch. On diving watches, these bezels help the diver to surmise how long they have been underwater. These bezels can usually only turn one way to reduce the room for error that exists when every minute counts. There is a 60-minute scale on the bezel that is issued by the diver to make sure they are not in the danger zone in regards to their amount of oxygen.

Rotor -

Automatic watches feature a rotor, which is a round metal piece that is used to wind and alter settings. As the rotor begins to move, the rotor will put pressure on the main spring, thereby winding the watch.