Watch Glossary

Mainspring -

This part of a watch is what provides the energy needed to keep it running. The mainspring is located in the barrel of the watch and is wound up either manually or with a rotor. Watches also feature escapement to prohibit the transfer of too much energy to the gears all at once. The escapement helps to ensure the right amount of energy is transferred

Manual Winding -

With the manual winding process, the mainspring gets tensed and then releases energy to the train of the watch. Winding is done by twisting the crown on the watch.

Mineral Glass -

Lower priced watches generally use mineral glass as the crystal. This material is durable, but not nearly as scratch resistant as sapphire glass. There are processes used to harden this glass and increase the durability.

Minute Repeater -

A minute repeater is a watch feature that chimes at a certain time of day. In order to activate this complication, the user has to select the time of day they want with a few button clicks. These complications are very rare considering how hard they are to implement.