Watch Glossary

Jewels -

Bearings or gears are made out of synthetic rubies or sapphires. These are usually used to reduce the amount of friction. They are also used to add additional bling and visual appeal to a timepiece. Common gemstones used in luxury watches include diamonds, rubies and sapphires of a multitude of different colors.

While these can improve and individualize the look of a timepiece, it does typically have a negative impact on the price of a watch if these are after market pieces. After market means that the changes to the watch were undergone post purchase and not by the brand itself. These alterations detract from the value of the piece as it has now been tampered with and is no longer in it’s original condition. One of the major problems with after market alterations is that luxury watch brands will refuse to accept and make fixes to the watch. For example, if you added jewels to a Patek Philippe watch and then attempted to return the watch to Rolex to repair any small damage, Patek would not accept the watch as it has been changed.