Watch Glossary

Gasket -

In order for a water resistant watch to work properly, it will need a gasket. Generally, these gaskets will be located in the case back or under the crystal of the watch. Every two years, a watch owner will need to have their gaskets checked to ensure they are working correctly and do not need to be changed.

Geneva Seal -

This type of seal is used to show a person the quality and origin of a watch. In times gone by, this seal was stamped right into the metal on the movement of a watch. Modern times have led to innovations and the seal is now embedded microscopically into a watch. Even the smallest parts of a watch can carry this seal on them. For a watch to have a Geneva Seal, the construction of the timepiece must be done in the Canton of Geneva. Other criteria like the finish of the watch and the quality it has are also taken into consideration before earning this marking. The Office for the Voluntary Inspection of Watches From Geneva are in charge of granting watchmakers access to their seal.


The meter for all time is set by GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. This time zone has since been replaced by universal coordinated time. Most GMT watches display this time zone as well as another one chosen by the user.

Guilloché Dial -

The Guilloché dials feature a special finish and engraving. The Guilloché designs are made up from a complex pattern of connected lines.