Watch Glossary

Escape Wheel -

This watch part features a pallet fork escapement. Generally, this part will be in the middle of the balance wheel and train. It is meant to create a connection between these two parts and features asymmetrical teeth.

Escapement -

A wound watch spring is able to get a steady release due to the escapement used during construction. Periodically, this part will catch the gear train and keep the watch spring unwinding at a steady pace. The escapement also helps the oscillation system by providing it with new energy to keep the process going. The overwhelming majority of watches on the market today feature the escape wheel and pallet fork escapement design. The escape wheel on the watches also doubles as the second hand. Along with the balance wheel, the pallet fork moves back and forth during operation. The pallet fork is designed to hook onto the escape wheel and release it at the right time. By doing this, it allows the wheel to move a tooth at a time.

ETA SA Swiss Watch Manufacturer -

This watch manufacturer produces pieces with Swiss movements. They are also a member of the Swatch Group of watchmakers.