Watch Glossary

Deployment Buckle -

The deployment buckle has hinges and snaps to make it easy for the user to take on and off their watch. These types of bands are usually more expensive, but are much more comfortable on the wrist.

Diving Watch -

Recreational and professional divers make good use of a diving watch. Standards like ISO 6425 and DIN 8306 are generally applied when making these watches. Many of the higher quality watches made for divers can be submerged in up to 200 meters of water without breaking. These types of watches generally feature illuminated hands and numbers to make it easy for divers to see while underwater. The bezel on these watches also feature markers to indicate how many minutes a diver has been submerged. Generally, these bezels can only be rotated one way to help divers avoid making grave errors while trying to calculate the time they have been in the water.

Double Barrel -

Watch calibers with two barrels are referred to as a double barrel watch. With these two barrels, the watch will have an extended power reserve.

Dual Timer -

A dual timer watch tells the time in two different time zones. Additional time zone readings may come from sub dials or even an additional hand.