Watch Glossary

Balance spring -

These springs are used in mechanical timepieces. The spring is attached to the balance wheel of the watch and can be used to adjust the rate of the piece.

Bezel -

The ring that surrounds the glass on a watch is referred to as a bezel. The bezel can come in a fixed or moveable design. Many of the diving watches on the market feature a multi-directional bezel that can be used to keep track of the time a diver has been underwater. A bezel is generally made of ceramic or metal.

Bicompax -

The amount of subdials on a chronograph is referred to as a Biocompax. Generally, the Biocompax can be found at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position on a chronograph. Some chronographs feature a Triocompax with three points that form a V.

Breguet Balance Spring -

This type of balance spring helps to reduce the amount of curvature on a timepiece due to the raised coil it has. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented this part in 1795. The Breguet balance spring, or Breguet hairspring as it is sometimes called helps a watch run in a more precise manner.