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How To Complete The Form To Sell Your Diamonds

Definition Examples
Diamond Shape Also known as the cut, this refers to the shape of the stone. Popular shapes include: round, heart, princess, oval, princess, cushion, emerald and pear.
Color grade The color grade of the diamond. White diamonds range from D (no colour) – Z (light yellow). Fancy coloured diamonds range from Faint to Fancy Deep.
Clarity grade This absence or presence of blemishes/imperfections in the diamond. While a diamond can appear to be eye-clean, this does not mean it will not have imperfections when inspected under microscope. Clarity grades range from FL (flawless) – I3 (included).
Carat Weight The weight of the diamond. Often abbreviated to ct.


Where To Find This Diamond Information

If you have paperwork on your diamond: this information will typically appear on diamond certificates or diamond appraisals.

If you do not have any paperwork on your diamond: please schedule an appointment with us at 6 Duddell Street, Suite 604. Contact to arrange an appointment with our gemmologists.