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Trends and insight into the luxury watch market

Watch Articles: US Presidents and the Watches that they Wore 


If our sartorial choices are reflective of our character, it is no wonder that we continue to assess what style choices our political leaders make. From Angela Merkel’s one suit wardrobe to Barack Obama’s i...

Watch Articles: Top 5 Most Expensive Rolex Watches 


Among the most iconic luxury watches are those of Rolex, known for their exquisite designs and reliable performance. From their inception, Rolex has created watches that offer a timeless elegance and sublime pe...

Watch Articles: Why women are wearing men’s watches 


In the early 1990’s, Christie Brinkley was spotted wearing a men’s Breitling watch. While controversial at the time, it sparked the current trend of women choosing luxury watches made for men instead of wom...

Watch Articles: How Luxury Watches are Priced 


As luxury watch aficionados know, these beautiful devices have a fascinating history that goes back to the 16th century in Europe. They evolved from spring-driven clocks that were made portable with the inventi...

Watch Articles: Top 5 best men’s watches 


Choosing a men’s watch can be a challenging task, especially if you are a first time buyer and do not know where to begin. With so many options available, it can be a long process deciding on which men’s wa...

Watch Articles: The most expensive watch in the world 2017 


Luxury watches can command astronomical prices. The combination of the brand name, the value of the materials used and the labor and technology that goes into each piece creates this value. But with watch compa...

Watch Articles: Top 20 Luxury Watch Brands 


For those new to luxury watches, perhaps considering buying a luxury timepiece for the first time, you may be curious as to which are the top luxury watch brands. We take a close look at the most popular high-e...

Watch Articles: How To Sell A Used Watch 


You may own a luxury watch that you have never worn, or you may have worn it every single day for the past 20 years. Regardless, it will still be considered a “used watch” or a “secondhand watch”. In th...

Watch Articles: Top 5 most popular watches with celebrities 


Luxury watches are more than just a device for telling the time. They are fully-fledged fashion statements. Hollywood actors, singers and socialites often not only build their own personal watch collection but ...

Watch Articles: Top 5 Most Popular Chronograph Watches 


So, first things first. What is a chronograph watch? It is essentially a stopwatch that also tells the time. However, chronographs certain chronograph watches can also measure distance, pulse rates, fuel consum...

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