Relationship Articles

Relationship articles from WP Diamonds' Relationship Experts. Whether going through a divorce or recently separated, our Relationship Experts provide help and advice.

Relationship Articles: 4 Ways to Deal with a Broken Engagement 


Ending an engagement is different from a regular breakup. You and your ex-partner had planned to spend the rest of your lives together. Maybe you had started planning the wedding, finding a home, and thinking a...

Diamond Articles: Newly Divorced? Here’s What to Do with the Ring 


The end of a marriage can be a very difficult time, both emotionally and financially. One area where those two concerns intersect is the wedding ring, engagement ring or ring set. As a representation of a relat...

Relationship Articles: How to start over after a divorce 


Divorce certainly brings challenges, yet any life change brings the opportunity to start afresh. There are many ways in which you can rebuild your life after divorce, whether it be in your personal or professio...

Relationship Articles: How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer 


Divorce is not a process that anyone wishes to go through and it certainly is not one that you want to be lengthier than need be. However, when looking for the best divorce lawyer, it is so important not to rus...

Relationship Articles: Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces 


Divorce settlements can be complicated, long, emotionally draining, but most of all: they can be financially draining. There are a number of different factors which result in the cost of divorce settlements be...

Relationship Articles: Letting Go of the Past After Divorce 


Divorce is a difficult time and it is normal to initially feel sad, angry, confused, and a range of other negative emotions. But after a certain period of time, it is important to shake these feelings off beca...

Relationship Articles: How to Cope with a Broken Engagement 


You started to plan your future together when… life happens.  An unforeseen broken engagement can be incredibly heartbreaking. Coping with this kind of loss can be challenging both emotionally and socially....

Relationship Articles: What Not to Do After a Divorce 


Divorce shifts the way in which any individual lives their life. Although divorce can certainly lead to a happier future, happiness has to be something you prioritize and work towards. Instead of allowing your...

Relationship Articles: Four Ways to Move On After a Divorce 


Breakups are difficult, no matter what the situation is. Whether your divorce was a mutual decision or initiated by your partner, there will not only be the emotional factors to take into consideration but the...

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