Financial Articles

Financial help and advice articles when going through a divorce, separation or simply looking to generate income

Financial Articles: How to Prepare Financially for the Holidays 


With October over, the holidays are now just around the corner. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in all of the holiday excitement from Thanksgiving into New Years. Being with loved ones, making delicious food...

Financial Articles: 15 Ways to Make Some Extra Money 


44 million Americans have a side income and according to a new study published by smartaset, the majority of them (70%) are women. Less than 50% of men, however, feel the need to bulk up their paycheck. Young s...

Financial Articles: Starting a New Career After Divorce 


You’ve been through a divorce, you’ve dealt with the emotional and practical implications… what’s next? Starting a new career following a divorce can actually be a great thing for a variety of reasons,...

Financial Articles: Surviving Financially After a Divorce 


Divorce prompts all sorts of life changes that you may not expect. Although any major life change, such as a divorce, can encourage you to start over and reassess your priorities, it is important to take into ...

Financial Articles: How to Take Control of Your Finances Post-Divorce 


Finding economic stability after your divorce can be a challenging endeavor. Expenses like attorney’s fees, court fees, the splitting of assets, etc. may have added up and you may be unsure of your financial...

Financial Articles: Making Cents of Divorce 


By a Senior New York Financial Expert The divorce process involves a financial separation as well as an emotional one. Which assets will you own following the divorce and which will be owned by your former spo...

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