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WP Diamonds was founded in 2012 in New York City. Now one of the largest online buyers of diamonds, jewelry and watches, WP Diamonds has offices in the US, the UK and Hong Kong. We work with thousands of customers every month from all across the world.

As an international diamond and jewelry recycling company, we have the global distribution network and the purchasing power necessary to offer strong prices for your jewelry. We believe in providing an easy, safe, fast selling service and giving you access to the best prices. Our goal is to help you sell discreetly to a reputable diamond, jewelry and watch buyer. We provide honest price ranges and the price that we give you is what you will receive, there are no hidden costs, commissions or fees.

Our Asian headquarters are located in Central, Hong Kong. We work with customers from a wide range of countries, including:

Hong Kong

The Philippines


New Zealand


South Korea





Mainland China


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Anqi Huang

Buying Manager

Anqi graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a B.A. in 2012. After went on to gain her Graduate Gemologist certificate in GIA New York and complete a AGS qualification as Certified Gemologist, she joined WP Diamonds in 2013. Starting her career in diamond evaluation in New York, she then worked in UK between 2015 and 2016 as a valuer to gain international diamond market knowledge before moving to Hong Kong in 2018.

She is responsible for handling consumer inquiries, conducting WP Diamonds evaluations and making purchases utilizing her extensive diamond knowledge.