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How To Sell Antique Jewelry

April 19, 2017 - Jewelry Articles
sell antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is commonly categorized as jewelry that is older than 100 years. It can serve as more than just a memento of the past; selling your pieces can be an exciting and profitable venture. But valuing antique jewelry is a complex and specialized area. As you begin the process of selling your antique jewelry you may be wondering: How do I obtain information about my antique jewelry? How much is my antique jewelry worth? Where do I sell my antique jewelry?

Below are three steps to make selling your antique jewelry a simple, stress-free venture:

  1. Gather Information
  2. Assess Your Antique Jewelry
  3. Sell
antique jewelry
  1. Gather Information

The first step to sell your antique jewelry is to gather any information you can find about your piece, whether it be certificates or papers from the store where the jewelry item was purchased, any appraisals you may have, or papers about the provenance of the piece. This information is important to help the buyer understand the quality and value of your piece and properly price it.

What should I do if I don’t have any information about my antique jewelry?

With antique jewelry, it is common to not be able to track down any certificates or original papers about the piece. In this case, you can visit a local jeweler who will be able to assess your jewelry and give you a free verbal appraisal. A jeweler will be able to provide vital information about the material and any diamonds or gems your antique jewelry piece may contain. This information is crucial for assessing and selling your antique jewelry.

It may be the case, however, that a jeweler will not be able to ascertain when the item was made, what type of jewelry it is and what is it worth on the secondhand market. For this you would need to work with an antique jewelry expert. Fill out our online form and include photos of the item to receive an assessment and initial price quote from our specialists.


  1. Assess

How much is my antique jewelry worth?

Depending on the particular piece, antique jewelry can be incredibly lucrative to sell. The value of your antique jewelry is determined by a few factors and will greatly depend on the demand in the current jewelry market for the type of piece you are selling and its style. The primary factors that will determine the value of your piece are:

  • Brand – Certain brands will signify a higher value.
  • Rarity- If your antique jewelry is a particularly unique piece or a rare model, its value will be greatly increased.
  • Era – When the piece of jewelry was created can greatly impact its value. Certain stylistic periods are more popular in the current market than others.
  • Material – A higher quality material will fetch a greater price.
  • Condition – The more pristine the condition of the jewelry, greater the value of the jewelry. Evidence of repair can decrease value.
  • Gems/Diamonds – Any gems or diamonds can add tremendous value to your piece. The quality (clarity, color, and carat weight) of the diamonds can also greatly determine the value of your piece.

How can I accurately value my antique jewelry?

It is important to work with knowledgeable buyers who can accurately assess your jewelry. Antique jewelry is such a specialized market that only trained buyers with the necessary knowledge of jewelry history and the jewelry market can properly value your item. These buyers will be able to accurately determine the era from which your piece was produced, conclude whether the item is a replica or not, assess the condition of the item, and determine the precise value of your piece. Due to the range and intricacies of antique jewelry, untrained professionals simply do not have the skill or knowledge to assess your item. Our experts at WP Diamonds have extensive knowledge of vintage and antique pieces, and as such we are able to provide informed and competitive prices.


  1. Sell Your Antique Jewelry

Where can I sell my antique jewelry? It’s always a difficult decision when picking which method to use to sell your jewelry, but the decision is particularly crucial when it comes to antique jewelry. Choosing a trained buyer who has experience valuing and buying antique jewelry will ensure your jewelry is correctly valued. There are a few options to consider when looking for the best place to sell your antique jewelry.

Selling Option Information
Pawnshop A pawnshop is a reasonable option if you are looking for a loan rather than a traditional sell of a jewelry item. The biggest downside to using a pawnshop to sell your item is that pawnshops do not specialize in antique jewelry or jewelry from the time period your piece was created, so you may not receive the best price for the value of your good. Additionally, another downside to using a pawnshop is that will need to pay high interest rates if you would like to re-obtain your piece.
Auction House Auction houses are another option for selling your jewelry. Though specialty auction houses are well versed in antique jewelry, finding an auction house can be challenging. Furthermore, selling your jewelry through an auction house can be a lengthy process. Ultimately, the auction house takes a considerable cut of the final price; the winning bid is not what the buyer will receive.
Online Auction Sites Online auction sites are a difficult place to sell antique jewelry. Even with research, you may unknowingly incorrectly price your jewelry.
Jeweler Selling to a jewelry store on consignment is a risky option, as jewelers are often not knowledgeable about the particularities of antique jewelry. Furthermore, jewelers may take a large percentage of the value of your jewelry and the selling process may take longer than expected.
Specialist Antique Jewelry Buyer Selling to a specialist buyer, such as WP Diamonds, is the simplest and most secure way to sell your antique jewelry. When looking to sell antique jewelry, it is important to work with a specialized buyer who is well versed in antique jewelry. WP Diamonds’ expert buyers have extensive experience valuing antique jewelry and ensure a quick, satisfactory selling process. Fill out the online form and we will be in touch shortly with an initial price. From there, you can schedule an appointment or we can organize free shipping and insurance of your piece to our headquarters where we will examine and price your item.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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