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March 22, 2017 - Diamond Articles
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Diamonds may be forever, but they are no exception when it comes to trends. As a gemologist, I see different diamond styles come in and out of fashion every year. Whether it’s a preference for more traditional cuts or a move towards a specific time period of jewelry designs, diamonds tastes are constantly shifting and evolving.

Now that we are well into 2017, let’s look back at last years’ top diamond trends.





The cushion cut diamond gets its name from its pillow-like shape. Combining a square cut with rounded corners, the cushion has been around for almost 200 years. For the first century of its existence, it was considered the most popular diamond shape, the de facto diamond of the 20th century, and it made a comeback in 2016.



The modified brilliant-cut marquise diamond hails its name from King Louis XIV of France. Allegedly King Louis XIV was so fascinated with the Marquise de Pompadour’s mouth that he had a stone fashioned to resemble its outline. The marquise cut gives an illusion of having a greater size, due to a long and narrow shape, as well as a large crown surface area. Universally flattering, it gives semblance of elongated fingers for its wearer and saw a resurgence in 2016.



Developed in Amsterdam, the trillion cut was initially created as an accent stone- to flank a center stone of a different cut. In 2016, the cut has flourished into it’s own, and has become a look for the cutting edge and adventurous, triangular in shape and daring in concept. This cut is for those looking for a statement piece, as opposed to a more traditional center stone.





As always, history repeats itself. Gwyneth Paltrow famously donned a diamond choker when she accepted her Oscar in 1999 and we often associate the choker as a trend from the 90’s. The reality is that chokers have had their fair share of time travel. From noblewomen of the middle ages stamping pendants of Saint Sebastian to protect themselves from the bubonic plague, to young women of the French revolution attending the secret victim’s ball wearing red ribbons around their necks to mimic the guillotined, chokers have had their place in history. In 2016, top models and celebrities such as Kendal Jenner and Rihanna wear them often, proving that they stand the test of time as a fashion accessory.


Ear Climbers

Seen on the runway at Saint Laurent and others, diamond ear climbers climbed their way to the top in 2016. Another take on a 90’s trend, ear climbers can be adapted to any occasion, at any time of the day, and be dressed up or down. They give wearers the edgy look of having multiple piercings, without the reality of getting them.





Embellished, vintage-inspired settings made their way back into 2016. The dainty romance of lace-like rings created in gold and platinum replaced the plain bands of years past. Engagement rings had the essence and look of being timeless heirlooms.


Rose Gold

The trendiest editions to 2016 included rose gold engagement rings. With a hint of copper mixed into the gold creating a pink glow, rose gold became the metal of choice for those looking for something different. Often, these rings were set with rose cut or raw diamonds and were designed to be stacked with bands for future anniversaries.




Art Deco

As the beloved Art Deco period made a splash again, the settings for jewelry from that period made a splash too. Favoring feminine, yet strong shapes and designs, Deco jewelry features angular lines, diamond pave and blue sapphires galore. A period ruled by great design houses, their diamond works very much came back into the market in 2016.



As minimalism walked into 2016, so did more angular and edgy designs. With rectangle, triangle and pyramid shapes outlining the edges of accessories, there was a movement in 2016 style to value clean, yet understated lines in diamond jewelry. This aesthetic works particularly well at the office, where minimalist, contemporary designs can elevate any outfit without overpowering.




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